CD liner notes to THE SKELETON SCORE

Liner Notes for the CD THE SKELETON SCORE
By Mardi-Ellen Hill c 2009 MEH, all rights reserved

Welcome to the tale of the Barrington dynasty and the first book of clues,THE SKELETON SCORE

The Liner Notes unfold the amazing path of the Barrington history.
Barrington characters emerge, discover and vie for power over ancient secrets that control their destiny; a destiny that has given the Barringtons the present day knowledge to launch a powerful and dangerous 21st century invention, MENDtm. MENDtm controls language world wide. A diabolical ticking global time clock is in play as MENDtm's secrets hit the air waves.

Track one unfolds. We hear a chilling news release -- punctuated utterances of sound, are transmitting over the radio. The dynasty is in a fight over ownership and access to MENDtm. Secrets about the use of MENDtm's character product workforce and ID capabilities are leaking to the rest of human kind. MENDtm has yet to be perfected and tested. Source of the leak is unknown. This very CD, looted from the family star, Rachel Barrington, contains the route and location of the hidden Barrington MENDtm initiation site, in Washington D.C.. It will be a roundabout chase through a maze of character motives and tunes, an global interactive ride to get to Washington D.C in time to use MENDtm.

A Bit of the Barrington History
The six tracks of the CD reveal migration routes of the phonetic tones created by a lost Barrington ancestor. The character tones in complex combinations, were used to orchestrate the language of a lost civilization. Only one character configuration reveals a distinct melody that can be used from any site, as the access code to the new invention MENDtm. Each character has a license plate/leitmotif tag and a MENDtm address that will link to mobile technology.
(See what is MENDtm at a party, where players will be able to purchase and access a CD.)

As we enter the party, the vocal star Rachel Barrington emerges from her NY Carnegie Hall performance. On stage, Rachel receives the melodic message about the whereabouts of the dynasty's new leader from her grandmother Rose. Rachel races home in order to remember and write the unfolding message down. She is murdered before the meaning of the message is fully understood, but not before the real time simulcast melodic message, finds it's way to Rachel's mother Lily Barrington, who is staying at the Mayflower hotel in D.C.

The message that Rachel was to write down, unlocks the meaning of the family melody and where the family history would be found.. Lily Barrington, mother of the star, slated to take over the role Matriarch, Rose has that access now but Lily finds herself held for treason and the murder of her own daughter, locked in to a growing hostage situation.

Together with Lily we are locked into the Barrington family fight, until the real story of MENDtm, the language of the Barringtons, and their ability to drive text and copy by their secret tones is understood.

See you at the party!

THE SKELETON SCORE was originally heard and reviewed as an award winning stage-play. See for the real time history of the CD and how it came to power up the Barrington dynasty's route to global success.


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